1. The Regulations apply to all persons, hereinafter referred to as Guests, who are staying at the Krakow Central Apartments, hereinafter referred to as the Facility.

2. The fee for the stay is charged to the Guest no later than on the day of arrival at the Facility (in advance).

3. If the reservation is canceled, the guest will be charged the total cost of the stay, unless the reservation conditions state otherwise.

4. The basis for the guest’s registration is presenting a personal ID or passport along with the credit card used to make the booking.

5. Apartments in the facility are rented days.

6. The stay day lasts from 3 PM to 11 AM.

7. The wish to extend the stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, the hotel guest should report no later than the day before departure.

8. Prolongation of stay is offered subject to availability and after paying an additional fee.

9. The guest is financially liable for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical facilities of the facility, resulting from his fault or the fault of people visiting him.

10. Each time leaving the room, the Guest should close the windows, turn the TV off, turn off the light, close the water supply taps, check the closing of the door and leave the key in the locker.

11. 50 PLN net is charged for losing the key.

12. The guest can not transfer the apartment to third parties.

13. The property does not accept guests traveling with pets.

14. Smoking in the entire facility is prohibited.

15. It is forbidden to keep dangerous objects in the apartments.

16. The facility is to maintain quiet hours between 10 PM – 6 AM.

17. The object may refuse to accept a Guest who during the previous stay grossly violated the Regulations causing damage to hotel property or guests or damage to other people, or otherwise disturbed the peaceful stay of Guests or the operation of the facility.

18. The object may order the apartment to leave the apartment, even though the stay has not ended, if during the stay the guest grossly violated the Regulations or caused damage to hotel property or other guests or damage to other people, or otherwise disturbed the peaceful stay of the guests or functioning object. The guest is not entitled to compensation for shortening the stay.

19. Personal belongings left by the outgoing Guest in the apartment will be sent to the address indicated by the Guest at his expense. If you do not receive such an instruction, the Object will store these items for one month. After this date, these items are forfeited for the object.

20. Each guest agrees to the processing of personal data for registration purposes and placing the guest’s data in the hotel database in accordance with the Act of 29.10.1997. about personal data protection. (Journal of Laws No. 133 of 1997, item 883, as amended). The guest has the right to inspect their personal data and to correct them.

21. The guest agrees to issue a VAT invoice without signature.

22. The court competent to settle disputes between the Guest and the Object is the court competent for the Facility.